Child AND WOMEN GPS Tracking System

Kids love rewards—and now their GPS watch can help you promote good behavior. The AmbyGear Wizard Smartwatch does more than track your kids—it keeps them busy throughout the day with fun games and learning activities. Every time your kid does something right, the watch rewards them with positive reinforcement and points. And unlike other tracking devices for kids, this locator lets your kids track you too. This feature can come in handy anytime your child feels panicked or scared.


Your kids collect points for activities you set up (like waking up on time for school), and they can exchange their earned points for rewards. The device comes equipped with a wide range of learning activities that teach kids to be more responsible. But keep in mind that with so many fun things to do on this device, your child might get distracted and lose focus on priorities. We like that the Wizard includes a quiet time feature so you can control how much time your kids spend playing around with the watch.


How many times have you worried about certain members of your family when you weren’t around? What about when that person left the house for something? This can be an elderly member of your family or a child. How much better would you feel if you knew you could keep tabs on them and they could easily notify you if something was wrong? Well that’s what personal GPS trackers can provide you with


free gps tracking software

The ASSIAN TRACK lets  your kids stay in touch with you, even when they’re off doing their own thing. The simple design makes it easy for younger kids to use, and automated alerts let you relax more when you’re not with your kiddos. Your child can call up to 10 programmed numbers in case of an emergency, or just to check in. And if you need to get in touch, you can either call or send a text message.

  • Real-time gps tracking
  • sos button
  • geo - fence
  • alert
  • voice listen


Easy connectivity

After installing our GPS tracker in your bike it's super easy to connect with software & mobile app.

low battery

Sppedtrack GPS can run in very low battery also. You also get alert when the battery is low.

Low cost

You can get our GPS tracker for bike at very low cost, compare to others. Starting price 1299/-


A SOS button generates emergency aler and send notification to the admin.

Real-time tracking

Track your bike anytime anywhere in just two simple steps. Login to your App and track.

playback history

Our GPS tracking software has a giant database, that can store your playback history up to 1 year

Benefit of gps tracker for Personal gps

#1. Real time tracking system

After installing or carring GPS system will help parents or admin to identify the location of the user.

#2. Voice Listening

Our GPS tracker for bike, contain fuel and power sensor also. You can stop your bike by sending a simple SMS.

#3. Ultra wide working voltage

Assian Tracks GPS device can be run from 9v to 90v. You don’t need any external battery for this.

#4. Geo-fance alert

Geo-fence alert is the most important option for you. You will get the alert when your bikes cross the geofence boundary.

what people say about ASSIAN track gps

I have a bike yahama R-15, my younger brother always drives it when I was out of town for my work. After installing ASSIAN Track GPS tracker in my bike I can see every movement of my bike. I also get over speed alert in my phone. I strongly recommend this product.
I am a student, in my college campus, there are lots of difficulties of parking my scooty. Sometimes I have to park my scooty outside of my campus. After installing the GPS tracker in my scooty i can park anywhere without any tension, ASSIAN Track gps secured my scooty.
College Student
I have a restaurant, where we provide free home delivery. We have more than 15 bikes. Someone suggest me for installing GPS tracker in bike. After installing it we save up to 30% of fuel. Also, we can stop the bike on the spot when something going wrong.
Owner, Indan rest.